Technology Gives Asphalt Contractors New Possibilities

new construction technology

Technology has changed just about every aspect of our daily lives and it is changing the way we work in the construction industry. While the basic components of the asphalt industry haven’t changed too much in the last few decades, technology is helping crews become more efficient and increasing worker safety.

For Construction Pros writes: Technology is also helping to shape the future of the paving industry, from telematics, process monitoring systems, 3D paving control technology to thermal mapping, and intelligent compaction – all contributing to getting the work done faster, smarter and safer.

Keep Workers Safe & Manage Distractions 

Paving remains one of the more dangerous professions in the construction industry. There are many factors to consider on a project, from various pieces of equipment operating all at once, to live traffic and often small working areas, they all need to be managed to keep workers safe on site. 

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