The Best Way to Achieve Optimal Asphalt Compaction

Having nice smooth pavement is always the goal, however, it can be difficult to achieve the optimal density of your asphalt mix. In order to achieve high-density compaction, you need to get the air out of your asphalt mix in order to reach the peak performance of your mix. And timing is everything. The smoothness of the road or blacktop is impacted by operators compacting the mix in a timely matter.

Here are a few practical tips from World of Asphalt to help your paving crew achieve both density and production:

  1. Keep an Eye on Your Mix Temperature

To reach optimal compaction, you need to hit the optimal temperature for your mix. This is achieved when the mix is still hot, regardless of the type of mix you use. Creating density is easiest when you’re at the highest temperature for the type of roller you’re using. The chart below reflects the temperature to hit for each specific roller. If you’re working with a heat that’s too intense for your roller, you run the risk of bulging.

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