Who Really Holds the Buying Power

Business-to-Business (B2B) sales is now more than ever challenged by the changes brought about by the “new normal” and those that take the game seriously would understand why knowing the behavior of these buying groups are significant in hitting their sales goals. Although quite similar to business-to-consumer (B2C) sales, B2B sales requires a little bit more of brain reflex as you are now trying to influence not just a single person, but a number of people in an account. You now have a couple of qualities you want to target therefore you measure all of them but the problem would be how can you tell which of these qualities affects the buying decision the most.

Understanding buyer groups will help you strategize your sales and marketing plans based on their specific behavior. You can now design a suitable purchase journey map where you can address each group’s needs. In doing so, you are not missing any buying group as you are slowly convincing them that you are worth the purchase.

In a recent article from True Influence, they mentioned that since 2015, B2B sales has turned into “consensus sale” where the decision is made by a buying group made of at least 5 members. In the article, they write, “B2B purchases are made by more than one person. Individuals ranging from IT department heads to end users guide the final buy decision, and understanding how these prospects work together in what are known as “buying groups” is essential to moving accounts from initial engagement to closed business.”

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