Bobcat Making Innovations

Innovations have been developed by manufacturers to better a customer’s experience. Through the years, users are providing their feedback to the company about their products for the purpose of adding new and helpful technology.

Many companies are investing a lot in research and development as consumers tend to patronize those products that are more advanced. The race to becoming the “super” equipment is on and everyone’s wanting to take the lead as it can translate to an increase in sales.

Ever wonder how convenient it would be if you can check your equipment’s health status in just one-click? Or if you are able to put an alarm every time your equipment is scheduled for maintenance?

In a recent article published by For Construction Pros, the Bobcat Company has created a wireless innovation that allows remote tracking of equipment performance and maintenance. They write that “Using Machine IQ, customers can monitor vital, time-saving information about their Bobcat compact excavators, skid steer loaders, or compact track loaders. This information helps customers better track and utilize their equipment while making maintenance and asset management more efficient.”

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