PNBA’s Newest Partner White Cap

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We at PNBA are so pleased to announce our newest partnership with White Cap! If you’re in the industry, you know that having the right partner means everything, and can make or break your next project. Adding White Cap to our list of amazing vendors at PNBA is something we are incredibly excited about. Bringing this benefit to our members is such an honor. We strive to add the very best partners to our list of vendors so that our members can reap all the rewards that come with these reliable resources.

PNBA (The Pavement Network Buyer’s Alliance) is a group of successful pavement professionals who are banding together to leverage our combined buying power to secure the best programs, pricing, and partnerships to add value and profits to businesses, as well as the vendors, manufacturers, and distributors who serve the pavement industry. Our members typically operate large-scale pavement maintenance companies across the country and look to our group to provide them with quality vendors in order to develop relationships with integrity, the best national pricing, and the best brands and products. And this is where the importance of our vendors comes into play!

At PNBA, we believe there is nothing more crucial than choosing the right vendors to benefit our members in every way. If you’re a current member, you already know about these amazing perks! If you’re not, as a pavement professional, being a part of our group should be at the top of your list. The benefits of a community such as this one are incredible and immeasurable. And choosing only the top vendors out there so our members have the resources to keep things running smoothly and their operations growing, is of the utmost importance to us. We only partner with the best of the best!

This is why we couldn’t be more excited to have White Cap to add to our list of trusted partners! With such a large offering of building materials, service worth raving about, an offering of over 450,000 professional-grade products, and the detail and expertise to source even those hard-to-find items, White Cap is going to be an extremely valuable partnership not only for PNBA but for all of our members as well! 

They are one of the nation’s largest suppliers of power tools and specialty materials to professional concrete contractors, and truly are a one-stop-shop for so many supply needs. From concrete accessories to safety products and everything in between, if you need it, they’ve got it! They have strong supplier partnerships making it easy to fill the needs of general contractors everywhere. And that’s a value we are so excited to bring to our members. They also offer some of the top brands like 3M, DeWalt, Bosch, and so much more.

We can’t wait for Whitecap to join us and start reaping some of the benefits that come from being a member of PNBA, and experience some of the amazing vendors that we couldn’t be more excited about.