Construction Safety and PPE Must-Haves on the Jobsite

Having the right safety and personal protective equipment (PPE) is one of the most important parts of construction work. Workers need to be protected from the hazards that they might encounter on the job to prevent injuries in a potentially hazardous area. In this blog, we have put together a list of the safety and PPE must-haves on any construction site.

Head Protection Equipment

One of the most important pieces of safety equipment are hard hats. They protect workers’ heads from injuries caused by falling debris and objects by absorbing the impact. It is essential to choose hard hats that meet and exceed safety standards. These hard hats by Leumoi are an excellent selection for protecting workers’ heads on the job site.

Keep the members of your construction crew who do not need to wear hard hats safe too by giving them sun protection on hot days. These reflective safety hats can cover the back of the neck and help keep the sun out of your eyes at the same time. The hats are breathable and allow for high visibility with reflective strips on them.

Knee Pads

When you have to work on your knees for too long, when installing flooring, for example, it can be hard on your knees. These knee pads are designed for heavy-duty work to provide extra cushion and support to your workers. These pads have anti-slip, stretchable thigh straps. They also come with safety glasses to protect the eyes, which are resistant to scratches and fog, as well as reinforced leather gloves to protect the hands from abrasions.

Reflective Clothing

Reflective clothing is an absolute must-have on a construction site since it helps drivers spot your crew. These reflective safety vests with a security pocket by AYKRM 11 are an excellent addition to your construction projects.

Heat Stress Relief Products

Heat stress can be dangerous for your construction team, so having everything on hand to keep your team cool and safe is vitally important. Some of the tools you can keep on hand to help cool down your team include:

Respiratory Protection

Hazardous substances like fumes, dust, and gases are common on construction sites. Protecting your workers’ respiratory health is absolutely crucial to their job site safety. N95 masks are the perfect way to help filter out harmful substances and protect your workers’ lungs.

Hearing Protection

Construction sites are well known for having high noise levels, which is why hearing protective gear and PPE equipment are a must-have for your safety. These earplugs are effective at reducing noise levels by up to 32 decibels, so they can cut down on the noise of equipment and protect the hearing of your crew.

First Aid Kit

No safety and PPE arsenal is complete without a first aid kit. This first aid kit was designed for contractors, with an easy-to-transport design for handling small emergencies on the job site. It comes with bandages, antibiotic ointments, antiseptic towelettes, burn cream, gauze, and more.

Latex Free Gloves

From cleaning up a spill to performing first aid on a team member, having sterile gloves on-site is a good idea. These latex-free nitrile gloves from Schneider are an excellent choice when you need to keep something sterile.

CNBA Vendors Who Offer Safety and PPE Must Haves

The CNBA works with vendors who can help our members get the best products for their construction projects. For safety and PPE equipment, we have three vendors who offer top-of-the-line equipment: Broner Safety, Safety Products Inc., and White Cap. The CNBA’s partners work with our members to bring them the best programs, products, and pricing for their construction businesses. Learn more about our partners and membership benefits here.