Best Cordless Power Tools for Construction

You use a lot of power tools on a construction job, and if they are all corded, there are a lot of tripping hazards. On a busy jobsite, it can be frustrating to hunt for a place to plug your tools in. That is why cordless power tools are the best for most construction sites. In this article, we will look at some excellent cordless power tools to make life easier for your construction crew.

Cordless Nail Gun

Nail guns are a staple on construction sites, so getting a cordless one is an excellent idea. A cordless nail gun also saves your crew a lot of time that they would waste hammering nails and reducing the risks of injuries from hammering nails manually. This NEU MASTER Cordless Nail Gun is battery-powered, and it is designed to deliver more powerful shots. Each battery charge has up to 1100 nail shots in it.

Cordless Drill

Cordless drills are another vital tool to have on any construction site. Having cordless drills removes the hazards that corded drills have, including restricted mobility and tripping hazards, and you can carry it wherever you want without needing to find a place to plug it in. The DEWALT Cordless Drill is engineered to fit into tight spaces and is highly durable. Plus, DEWALT is one of the CNBA’s vendors because of their reliable, high-quality products.

Cordless Jigsaw

Your crew is going to need to have a cordless jigsaw on hand to cut through drywall, wood, and metal in both straight and intricate curved lines. The DEWALT 20V MAX* XR® Cordless Jig Saw Kit is the best choice for this power tool on your construction site.

Cordless Impact Driver

An impact driver is similar to a drill, but it delivers more torque and can handle bigger screws and bolts. For a bigger project, an impact driver might be a better tool for the job than a drill. The WORKSITE Cordless Impact Driver Kit is an excellent choice for a power tool, and it is designed to be user-friendly. It even has an LED light to illuminate your workspace.

Circular Saw

A circular saw allows you to cut through metal, wood, and concrete. They are a versatile tool that is crucial to have on the job. The DEWALT Cordless Circular Saw is one of the best tools for your construction job.

CNBA Vendors Who Offer Cordless Power Tools

The CNBA works with vendors who can help our members get the best products for their construction projects. For cordless power tools, we have five vendors who offer top-of-the-line equipment: DEWALT, Diamond Blade Warehouse, HardRox, Lawson, and Makita Tools. The CNBA’s partners work with our members to bring them the best programs, products, and pricing for their construction businesses. Learn more about our partners and membership benefits here.