COVID19 Safety on the Jobsite

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What else did has the Covid19 pandemic haven’t changed yet? Let’s admit it, our lives took a 360-degree turn as we cope with this “new normal”. In fact, most, if not all, industries were faced with new standards in terms of the health and safety of their employees. Adding to this are the age-old challenges magnified by the pandemic such as communication and engagement. Companies need to solve this ASAP otherwise, they are going to face an inevitable shutdown.

In a recent article from The Asphalt Pro they write that one company knew the importance of safety on the jobsite and communicating these findings with their employees. “We knew there must be a safer and more efficient way to collect this information,” Operations Manager Peter Pavao said. That’s when the company began using CrewMinders to send automated text messages containing the CDC safety screening questions. That way, Pavao said, “We can see who is at risk before they step foot on site.”

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