Jobsite Essentials for Any Construction Site

Being prepared in advance on the jobsite is crucial to making your construction projects go smoothly. These essential items may get overlooked when putting together everything you need for your jobsite, so we have compiled a  list of some of the top products that belong on your jobsite.

Pumice Hand Cleaner

The jobsite can get messy, so it is crucial to keep a good hand cleaner on your site to help everyone get the grime of the day off of them. The GOHO Natural Orange Pumice Hand Cleaner is an excellent choice. It is a lotion style hand cleaner that does not require water. There are pumice scrubbing particles in it to help clean grease, oil, dirt, and soil, so your crew will leave the jobsite with clean hands. It does not use any harsh chemicals, so your crew will not destroy their skin to get their hands clean.

Water Bottles

Keeping your crew hydrated is important, especially during the hotter months of the year. Water bottles are a great thing to have on hand for your crew. These strong, dishwasher safe water bottles are sturdy but squeezable, so no one will have to take off work gloves and fight to open a lid. Your crew will thank you for providing these bottles to the jobsite! 

Rechargeable LED Work Lights

If you are working in the dark or just need to make an area a little brighter, portable floor lights are the way to go. These rechargeable LED flood lights are an excellent way to light up your jobsite, and since they run on batteries, there will not be any cords getting in the way of your crew.

Contractor Pencils

You are going to need something to write with on the jobsite, but you need something that won’t snap under pressure. These carpenter pencils are designed for writing on rough surfaces, so you can mark down measurements on wood with ease. Since the pencils are flat, they will not roll away like a standard pencil, and they are designed to be harder to break, which makes them a great choice to bring on the job.

Construction Calculator

You need to make quick calculations on the job, but why risk damaging your phone when you need a calculator? The Victor C6000 Advanced Construction Calculator comes with a protective case, making it a durable choice for construction projects. This one even comes with a diagonal measurement function, making math that much easier.

Heat Stress Relief Products

Heat stress can be dangerous for your construction team, so having everything on hand to keep your team cool and safe is vitally important. Some of the tools you can keep on hand to help cool down your team include:

Traffic Safety Cones

Every construction site needs traffic cones for road safety. This pack of eight traffic cones are weather-resistant and highly durable. Keep your crew safe on the road with these cones!

Heavy Duty Extension Cords

There are some construction tools that need plug-in power, so having extension cords is essential on the jobsite. This GearIT 10/3 Outdoor Extension Cord is 100 feet long, has a three-prong plug, and is designed to be durable, making it a great choice for the jobsite.

Personal Protective Equipment

All of your crew members need to have PPE to ensure they can do their jobs safely. This includes providing hard hats, safety glasses, masks, and gloves to help prevent your crew from becoming injured.

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CNBA Vendors Who Offer Jobsite Essentials

The CNBA works with vendors who can help our members get the best products for their construction projects. For these jobsite essentials, we have one vendor who offers top-of-the-line equipment: Safety Products Inc. The CNBA’s partners work with our members to bring them the best programs, products, and pricing for their construction businesses. Learn more about our partners and membership benefits here.