Essential Items for Your Construction Site Office

A lot of planning and preparation is needed when setting up the office for your construction site. It can be a bit intimidating to figure out exactly what you might need for each construction job, and it has to be set up right so you can keep everything organized. The first thing your crew sees when they arrive on site every day is the office and the last place they see when they call it a day; it is the beating heart of your construction jobs. Since it can be difficult to keep track of everything you need, we have put together this list of essential items for your construction site office.

Office Furniture

You are going to need places to sit and work in your construction office, which is why planning out your furniture items is essential. You will need:

Look for furniture that is easy to move and assemble since this office is only going to be there while you complete this job.

Team Welfare Supplies

Your team needs to be comfortable when they are taking breaks in the office. There are some team welfare items that are essential to making that happen. These include:

Extra PPE and Gear

It is always a good idea to have some extra PPE items in case the need arises. These can include fire extinguishers, first aid kits, hard hats, masks, and gloves.

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Office Supplies

No office is complete without basic office supplies. While the essential items for your office may vary depending on the scope of the job, there are a few essentials that every office is likely to need:

These are just some of the everyday office supply essentials that you will need on the construction site. They can help get you started planning what you need to bring with you.

CNBA Vendors Who Offer Essential Items for a Construction Site Office

The CNBA works with vendors who can help our members get the best products for their construction projects. For office essential items, we have two vendors offering top-of-the-line items: Staples and Office Depot. The CNBA’s partners work with our members to bring them the best programs, products, and pricing for their construction businesses. Learn more about our partners and membership benefits here.