Who Makes The Purchasing Decisons?

The competition in the market is as tight as ever! Most businesses are bringing their products online to be available to their customers anytime and anywhere. However, this raises a major concern as online platforms are becoming more and more congested.

Today, you can see ALL kinds of businesses from ALL sectors and from ALL possible locations online. Therefore, understanding and knowing your target market by heart will set your business apart from others. Mastering customer behavior and connecting with these behaviors are the two most important skills business owners should now strive to discover.

In a recent article by True Influence, they mentioned that, “Learning more about buying groups and their behavior can help businesses win more and more clients.

Once they recognize a problem or need, buyers within these groups typically go through three phases on their journeys: education, solution and selection.

Education phase – Buyers try to understand why they should loosen the status quo and commit to making a change.
Solution phase – Buyers evaluate options and determine which solution best addresses their needs.
Selection phase – Buyers justify the investment and then determine which provider will get their business.”

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