Will Drones Continue To Shape the Pavement Industry

Construction Drones

Construction technology is constantly evolving and delivering better results that last longer. However, not all those strides are rooted in construction equipment or materials. One of the most surprising tools to shape the pavement industry in recent years is drones.

Yes, the same drones that online influencers and Hollywood moviemakers use have great value to construction professionals. These lightweight, remotely piloted vehicles can take amazing aerial shots, and in many cases, all you need to direct them is a mobile device. As drone technology continues to improve, we can expect even better benefits.

Get Gorgeous Photos for Marketing Purposes

Drones are a relatively easy way to get footage previously only available from helicopters or satellites, both recourses that cost a lot of money. Today, you can map out your entire construction site with a 5-pound drone and a smartphone.

Higher-quality equipment means you can get gorgeous photos and even videos. This media is integral to creating an impressive marketing campaign by showcasing your company’s work and reviewing the property.

For the pavement industry, this is a chance to capture a variety of completed projects:

  • Footpaths
  • Sidewalks
  • Roads

We rarely get to see this work from above, where it can be viewed in its entirety.

Keep Your Crew in the Know

Did you know that drones can deliver video and photos taken in real-time? A drone is a great way to keep an eye on your project without getting in the way of work. You also don’t have to visit a location in person to check on the status. All you have to do is power up your drone and take a quick fly around. That way, you can get the lay of the land before your team even gets there.

For example, if there were heavy rains the night before, you can use the drone to look for any standing water or damage to the property. With this information, your team will be better prepared to make repairs or change their day’s priorities.

Pre-project aerial surveillance also gives pavement professionals a heads up on potential obstacles. It’s nearly impossible to fix a pavement job once it’s laid out, so identifying issues before starting the project is incredibly valuable.

Aerial views are also helpful during construction, as it allows engineers to double-check that everything is going according to plan. If they spot a problem early on, they can intervene before too much damage is done. As a result, property owners and construction crews save time and money.

Use Drone Construction Technology To Solve Problems

Finally, you can pair drones and AI to assess pavement for defects. The technology is still under development, but it uses infrared thermography to map pavement internally. Engineers can then pinpoint weaknesses that may cause future issues. As this approach becomes more mainstream, we can expect to see drones as an integral part of concrete and pavement inspection.

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