The Best Commercial Painting Equipment for Your Construction Projects

Commercial painting projects come with plenty of considerations. Let CNBA help shorten your to-do list and help you select the right equipment. Every industrial painting project is different.. No matter what the details of the painting project are, there are some essentials for every painting project. In this article, we will look at the best commercial painting equipment for your project.

Drop Cloths

Painting is messy, so the area around the painting site needs to be protected. To keep the floor clean, you need quality drop cloths. These plastic drop cloths are excellent for avoiding messes because they are waterproof, dustproof, and even rustproof.

Paint Trim Guard

To ensure a clean paint job around ceilings, windows, and trim, a paint trim guard is the way to go. It is held up against the edges as you paint to keep your lines clean and professional. It can also be used to cut wallpaper. Our recommended paint trim guard comes with a lifetime warranty.

Painter’s Tape

Another easy way to ensure that your commercial painting project looks sharp and has clean lines is by putting painter’s tape into your standard equipment. We recommend this multi-surface blue painter’s tape that works both indoors and outdoors. It is designed to not leave behind a sticky residue or damage the surface it is applied to. This tape can be left in place for 14 days without leaving adhesive behind and damaging the surface. It can also be applied in direct sunlight and on a hot day without issue.

Disposable Shoe Covers

Paint is messy, and good work shoes are expensive, so it’s a good idea to keep them protected while you are working on your commercial painting project. These disposable shoe and boot covers are waterproof and have non slip treads. They can fit up to a men’s size 14 and a women’s size 16 shoe.

CNBA Vendors Who Offer Commercial Painting Equipment

The CNBA works with vendors who can help our members get the best products for their construction projects. For commercial painting equipment, we have one vendor that offers top-of-the-line industrial painting equipment: Sherwin-Williams.  The CNBA’s partners work with our members to bring them the best programs, products, and pricing for their construction businesses. Learn more about our partners and membership benefits here.