How Creative Social Media Creates Customers

Social media is now ingrained into our daily lives, and social apps like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are here to stay. If your company isn’t actively engaging on social media, you’re missing out on one of the major drivers that consumers use to make purchasing decisions. The Influencer Marketing Factory found that 82% of survey respondents had found a product initially on social media. That’s a number you shouldn’t ignore. Of course, with social media accounts comes the pressure of having to post updates, pictures, and videos. Another valid question is how to make the paving and construction business an account people want to follow. Let’s look at some creative social media accounts run by construction businesses and spark ideas for your company to follow.


John Deere has over two million views of this construction video aimed at kids. It’s 35 minutes of big machines at work, set to music, and while it may seem simple, if you’ve ever known a kid (or you were that kid) interested in big machinery, it’s easy to see why this is captivating. John Deere maintains a very active site on Youtube with plenty of video content.

Of course, John Deere is a billion dollar Fortune 500 company, which might be intimidating to try to compete with, but your content doesn’t have to be as professionally produced. Check out Weaver Companies, Inc. and its timelapse video of constructing a home from start to finish . The video has garnered over 8 million views in 11 years on the web. That’s a lot of eyes on a project and on the company name.

Recently, DRYCO, one of our PNBA members, has also produced videos to draw in viewers on YouTube. Their video over concrete repair at Mare Island Dry Dock in Vallejo, California gives viewers a glimpse at what DRYCO does and a fascinating look into concrete repair.

This video from Caterpillar in 2014 was a big hit for the company. Caterpillar vehicles played the largest game of Jenga, combining humor and creativity into a video that has over seven million views.


Facebook is one of the oldest and largest social media accounts. It allows you to connect with customers, accrue reviews, and easily update posts, add events, and hold giveaways.

CASE Construction Equipment provides a variety of posts, including videos, photos of new products, and sales advertisements. Their page reaches over half a million followers, and its variety keeps followers interested.

Pavement Maintenance and Reconstruction Magazine maintains an active Facebook page by posting content relative to their subscribers as well as the Ignite Construction Summit.

The Pavement Network’s Facebook page has over 1,800 followers. This page helps us be visible to the wide audience on Facebook and lets us spotlight some of the great work our members are doing. Are you following the Pavement Network?


In short video clips, often set to music, TikTok allows people to see your humor, building process, and finished projects. TikTok users are much younger than Facebook users, with the average age landing between 16 and 34.

  • KP Construction uses short clips to show off their latest projects, and with nearly 144,000 followers, they’re proving that people are interested in the paving business on TikTok.
  • Kruger Construction niches down on TikTok and only posts tool reviews. These reviews are quick, simple, and effective. The posts gather thousands of views, with a few even breaking a million.
  • Index Construction mainly posts projects that are in process, giving a glimpse into their excavation business. This account is regularly hitting a thousand views, and sometimes many more.


LinkedIn is an excellent place for longer posts if you want to talk about a topic and a great way to connect with other companies and potential employees.

Pavement Network member Morgan Pavement uses its LinkedIn account to advertise job openings, show others what the company is doing that’s unique, and advertise its skills as well.

DRYCO uses its LinkedIn account to spotlight employees and finished projects and give a slightly more in-depth view of the company than other social media outlets can afford.

Other social media accounts to consider are Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. Each of these sites has its strengths, but many posts can also be shared on more than one platform at a time. You don’t have to create a perfect post each time or have a presence on every social media platform out there. However, the accounts we’ve seen today spotlight the success social media can have in getting your brand and work in front of people in a short time.

Not everyone can create the world’s largest Jenga game, but embracing and creating social media is an important tool for reaching customers.